Students take ‘selfies’ in laboratory with dead rat in DIT (Dublin Institute of Technology)

From the National Animal Rights Alliance:

NARA spokesperson, Laura Broxson said “A concerned student, who wishes to remain anonymous, sent us these photos, whichwere taken inside a lab at DIT and subsequently posted on Facebook.”

“The inappropriate and insensitive behaviour shown by these students is incredibly disturbing. It shows an extreme lack of conscience, and complete disregard for life. Another troubling point in this incident, is the fact that these students were able to do this without the knowledge of their professors, and were so indifferent to their actions, that they felt comfortable enough to post these images online.”

“DIT conduct dissection experiments in their labs, on animals that they order, who have been bred and killed solely for this purpose. It is unethical, unnecessary and unacceptable for any animal to be used in this way.”

“We have been in touch with DIT, and have been told that an investigation into the matter is underway, but that they are currently unable to comment further. This simply isn’t good enough – it’s time to stop the use of animals in laboratories once and for all.”


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