Week of Action in Merseyside

Merseyside Animal Rights have organised a whole week of action as part of the World Week of Action for Animals in Laboratories:
  • Saturday 18th April – Information stall
  • Monday 20th April –  Information stall
  • Tuesday 21st April – Information stall
  • Wednesday 22nd April – Demonstration at Liverpool University (more details to follow)
  • Thursday 23rd April –  Early evening demonstration in the City Centre with street theatre, leafleting, an information stall and a display of animal tested products
  • Friday 24th April – Regional day of Action (more details to follow)
  • Saturday 25th of April – Day of action against charities involved in animal research plus evening event with food, a film and discussion

Merseyside Animal Rights is a collective of animal rights activists who campaign in the Merseyside area. The group organizes bi-annual food fayres, demonstrates against local animal abusing industries, organizes transport to national events, monitors local hunts and supports local animal rescues.

For more information contact: https://www.facebook.com/groups/140690449351900/