March on the University of Washington. Take to the streets, stop the lab!


The University of Washington and Skanska are attempting to break ground. Construction machinery now lines a fenced-off corridor overlooking Portage Bay. Disheveled soil, shattered concrete, gravel, and chain link have displaced the grass and diffuse trees, which were already strangled by existing science and engineering buildings. Despite cries for reason and humility, despite mounting public opposition, despite growing grassroots pressure, UW is moving forward with callous indifference, tunnel vision, and self-interest.

We are calling on the public–anyone opposed to this animal lab–to join us for a march on the University of Washington. As part of World Week for Animals in Laboratories, we are organizing a mass rally, demonstration, and march through the campus of UW and through the streets of Seattle. We will be utilizing buses, ride shares, carpools, and coordinating sleeping arrangements for folks from out of town. We will promote through ad space, social media, media platforms, and on-the-ground organizing. There is no distance that is too far to travel. Take off work. Skip class. Free your weekend and join us in Seattle. We want to see hundreds march in solidarity.

Saturday, April 25th. Take to the streets. Stop the lab.


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